Monday, June 8, 2009

Start a Business Now ?

Yes, now is great time to start a new business if you follow a few rules and are committed to being a success. First you must have start-up capital plus a 3 month cushion to pay fixed assets. Next you must have a unique idea that serves a need or want that is being overlooked now. Don't be a copycat be an innovator. That doesn't mean you have to invent a new light bulb, you just have to make it better, last longer or use less energy. Small changes to old ideas can make it big in the market where you may be alone until competitors catch on. But by that time you will lots of loyal and repeat customers. You can find many ways to be different, better or appeal to customer's needs in a new way in the book The Jelly Bean Principle : 105 Ways to Stand Out From Competitors. Just find 5 or more ideas from this book and apply to your new business and watch your company grow. This is the time when customers & clients are looking for new businesses that offer more value for the money they are spending. Be that business and the rewards and continual growth will be yours.


W.S. Gager said...

I highly recommend the book. I haven't made it all the way through it yet but it has given me a lot to think about with readers and book buyers being my customer and how to appeal to them. It is a scary economic time but consumers will will come and buy if it is a good product like a great book. My book, A Case of Infatuation, will be done any day. I already have people wanting to buy it and just need to keep that momentum going.

W.S. Gager
A Case of Infatuation

BillieJohn said...

WSG is SO right...all the time I was editing and prepping this book, I was struck by the number of times this advice, supposedly generic, just seemed to scream BOOK PROMOTION. In fact, it is much more useful and usable than some of the actual book promotion tomes I have read.

If I were forced to name just one thing about it, or I would say that the fact that so many of the tips and techniques are low or no cost items is its best feature. Just good old common sense, but viewed from a fresh, inventive perspective.

It's great!