Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hi Kit and welcome to Oak Tree Press. I met some of the OTP authors for the first time at the Public Safety Writers Association in Las Vegas last month, and they and Billie are a fun group. I love that Billie runs contests that give new writers a chance to publish. I love that she takes in authors abandoned or mistreated by other publishers, sort of a Humane Society for writers. But what I love best is that in an age where most books are published by large corporations that also have theme parks, recording studios, and fast-food chains, she's in the business because she likes books. I look forward to reading your books and meeting you in person at some point.

Mike Orenduff

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Sunny Frazier said...

Nice that Billie takes in deserving writers, but we have to do right by her through extensive marketing and generating sales. I know you are a hard charger, I'm nipping at your heels to keep you at it. I know Kit is going to be an asset to OTP as well.