Friday, July 10, 2009

A Message From Kit Sloane

I'm brand new to Oak Tree Press, but I've been writing forever and
have known Billie since 1998 when my book, GRAPE NOIR, took third
place in the Dark Oak Mystery contest!

Since then the first four in my Margot O'Banion & Max Skull mystery
series were published by the wonderful Margo Power and her Deadly
Alibi Press. The cover for GRAPE NOIR was even nominated for a
Bouchercon in 2002 and I remember biting my nails at the awards
banquet along with Marilyn Meredith and Hap, Margo and my cover
artist, daughter Annie, as we lost to St. Martins that captured the
prize for a cover that was a file photograph! Oh well. We WERE
nominated and independent publishers cheered.

After Deadly Alibi folded, Durban House Press picked up the series
and the last two of the stories were published with them,
"traditionally," with all the whistles and bells, including a printer
who went out of business halfway through the printing of LOCATION
LOCATION, two editors, and a proof reader who was a wannabe editor
and drove us crazy! My 2005 release EXTREME CUISINE was a surprise
independent hit, blowing us all away with sales near 3000. We still
can't figure out exactly WHY, but it was lots of fun to sell so many
while I did practically nothing!

So there I was, with this delightful, low key publisher who, even as
the business became tighter and tighter, simply refused to consider
POD for his fiction writers. He prefers to do non-fiction and I could
see the years stretching out in front of me, with two mss already
sitting for months on the senior editor's desk.

So I contacted Billie and here I am! Billie and Oak Tree will be
bringing out numbers 7 & 8 of the series and she's even letting my
daughter continue doing the distinctive covers.

I am delighted. I truly think that POD is the right venue for most of
us who, as my former publisher used to call them, have cult fan
clubs. There are always a certain amount of readers who will pick up
my books and I'm always trying to increase their numbers. I, like my
pal Marilyn M., have been at this a long time and we've met a lot of
people and have a certain name recognition that sustains us. But
times are tough and at least we know a few tricks to sell our stuff.

So I'm so happy to be here and look forward to meeting other OTP
authors, sharing news and PR ideas, and generally enjoying what is a
verrrry problematic profession.



Sunny Frazier said...

Kit, welcome to the OTP family! You don't know me but I have had you on my radar for some time. Marilyn M. will vouch that I am NOT a stalker.

Kit Sloane said...

Thanks, Sunny. Anyone who has Marilyn vouch for her is okay in my book! Hope we'll meet up soon to compare notes and plot great PR ideas.