Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Promotion continued

In addition to joining several author sites, I sent my husband--Julio for those who didn't meet him at the PSWA conference--to five local bookstores to see if they would consider putting my books on their shelves. In New Orleans, we have various types of small book stores in addition to the big chains. Surprisingly, one small book store already had a copy of my book on its shelf, and a few book store owners said they would be in contact after they read the book. I had postcards made to send to judges and various other people from my past at the D.A.'s Office, so Julio gave one to each of the bookstore owners. The cards have a blurb about the book and my contact info and websites. One Indie bookstore owner was a little put out that I didn't include any information about where to purchase my book from independent book stores, apparently overlooking the fact that I wasn't aware of any that were selling my book. In any event, two stores were interested in selling books on consignment, which is something I am considering, and I am also thinking of hitting the French Quarter Gift Shops that sell New Orleans touristy stuff. Julio still has to go to the small French Quarter book stores, but he said the book owners were very receptive. (In case anyone is wondering why I didn't go myself, I am still on the cane from a car accident a year ago, which he explains to them and lets them know I would be happy to meet with them in person. It is just difficult to go to all those places myself if there is no interest.)

Also, one of the Barnes and Noble here, on the westbank of New Orleans, carries the book in the store, but only three copies, if I'm not mistaken. I know at least one person who bought it from there, so they may only have two (or none) by now. Julio happens to be friends with one of the managers, which is how it worked out for me. I knew I married that man for a reason.

So now the Maple Street Bookstore in uptown New Orleans and the Barnes and Noble westbank are carrying my book, and I finally have a place to tell people where they can purchase it. As soon as I posted on Facebook and Twitter that the book was available those two places, I had several old friends contact me and say they were going to go to those stores and buy them. It amazes me that so many people do not order online in this day and age, but if I could push for more stores to carry the book, I think I have people who would buy them.

On a last note, I believe Facebook and Twitter do work to some extent to get your book noticed, or at least to let the people you're not in contact with everyday know about it. I update every so often to remind people who haven't bought it yet, such as letting them know it's available on Kindle or letting them know I'm still planning the launch party. I've had people from Junior High who I haven't seen in almost thirty years contact me and tell me they just bought the book.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice


F. M. Meredith, author said...

Husbands do come in handy as part of the promo team. Go Julio!

So enjoyed meeting both of you at the PSWA conference, and your two darling girls.

All the best with your promotion.


Holli said...

And I followed your advice as you can see and signed my post with my name and website.