Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This New Technology Enhances Promo Options

This morning I received a request from Prince George Art & Frame in Williamsburg (a gallery that represents my art) for a bio/artist statement and a photo showing the artist at work. I didn't have a recent photo taken in my studio, but with the new technology and a husband nearby I got new photos right away. The one at the left is not the one I'll use to send the gallery, but I thought my fellow writers might enjoy seeing some of the inside of my studio.

We are so fortunate, as writers and artists, to be living in a time when technology is at our fingertips. Not too long ago, if I had received the same request for a photo, processing the film from my 35mm camera would have taken a few days and a trip out of town to a camera shop. Now, in a very short time, we can create our own promo materials--fliers, brochures, bookmarks, even a reproduction or two of our book covers. Plus, we can advertise so much more with our access to blogs, web sites, Kindle, etc. Of course, it is wonderful and amazing to have close contact with writers and readers, like the ones of this list. You provide awesome ideas and support.

I would encourage everyone to think of one thing you can do today to use our internet technology in a new piece of promotion. Do it and see what happens.

Mary Montague Sikes


F. M. Meredith, author said...

Good post. Already I've downloaded photos to my blog; today's blog has a photo of my policeman grandson and a treed bear; tomorrow I'll have photos of Tolowa dancers in the redwoods.

Keep on posting, so glad to see people participating. Love your studio.


Monti said...

I just went to your blog and saw the photo of your smiling grandson--What a great story you have to tell about bear encounters! I love this photo technology. Who would have thought ten years ago how much things would change in a very short time? Who would have thought slides and film would all but vanish?

I love my studio, too, but I don't get in there very often...


Bob Sanchez said...

Photography used to be such a hassle before digital cameras. Now I can take a picture in front of my house, then hook a USB cable to my laptop, and my photo can be on line almost immediately.

Many of my blog posts are about writing and don't lend themselves to illustrations. I just add photos I like and don't worry about relevance. They brighten up the blog.

Bob Sanchez