Thursday, July 30, 2009

You just never know!

I was back-to-school shopping with the kids and went into my Barnes and Noble store in Muskegon, Michigan, to take a break from the arguments about what constitutes appropriate attire for school clothes. We all love Barnes and Noble and it was safe ground.

I had talked to the community relations person a couple of weeks back and was working through some issues about making sure my book, A Case of Infatuation, showed up as returnable in their system. My son and I were scouring the shelves not really expecting to see it. A clerk came up and asked if she could help. I was about to say, no, when my son pops up and said we were looking to see if his mom's book was on the shelves. (I must admit there was an element of pride in his voice for my stoic son that brought a tear to my eye!)

Turns out the clerk was the store manager and we went to look it up in the system. She found it and saw that someone had ordered it from and had picked it up in the store. The book was now showing returnable. She would be happy to order a few copies and have them available at the store. They were placing an order the next day and added my book to it. Timing couldn't have been better as I have been working with the Muskegon Chronicle reporter to do a story on the book as well. Hopefully that will equate to quite a few sales.

Least to say my son got his expensive jeans with the artfully-placed holes in them that typically is a you have got to be kidding response from me. We all enjoyed dinner on the author as a work-related expense as well as the mileage. You just can't pay for that kind of publicity and making the trip tax deductible! Kids say the darnedest things!

W.S. Gager
A Case of Infatuation now available from Oak Tree Press

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