Friday, August 14, 2009

Blogging Counts

On July 30, I posted a blog about two independent bookstores that were going out of business. I was especially dismayed when I learned of the demise of Creatures & Crooks where Wendy Howell Mills and I had a joint signing with Hamilton, the giant cat. I sent an e-mail with a link to the blog to the wonderfully supportive owner, Lelia Taylor.

Yesterday, I received a lovely e-mail from Lelia who said she appreciated the comments in my blog. She invited me to participate in a signing on September 12 and also to come to a Farewell to Hamilton party that is by invitation only on September 26. We will really miss her bookstore and smiling face, but Creatures & Crooks is leaving in a blaze of glory!

This is another example of what a great connection we have here with the Oak Tree blog. Blogging counts! Aren't we glad?


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