Friday, August 7, 2009

Time for a New Post, So Here I am Again

It is really, really important to have new content in a blog on a regular basis.

This week I attended a marvelous book launch party for Sheila Lowe, forensic handwriting expert who presented at the PSWA conference. Her latest book is Dead Write.

The launch was held in a lovely home located on the Ventura Keys. Sheila was situated with her books at the dining room table. She had someone else taking care of the money changing. (Something I always try to do at events.)

Because the day was flawless most people headed outside where a buffet table was set up with finger foods, lemonade and wine. While having enjoyable conversation, we could look out at the water and the boats parked at each of the residences docks.

I've conversed with Sheila since via email and learned that around eighty people showed up and she sold over 100 books. She also told me that when she moved to Ventura 5 years ago, she joined the Chamber and Ventura County Professional Women’s Network because she didn’t know anyone, and got active in both groups. When her first book came out, everyone showed up and they've continued to do so.

One of her new friends of course hosted the party and kept the buffet table filled. She also had a friend who served as a bartender.

There are some tips in there for all of us. Make yourself known in your community by joining social and or service clubs--and be active in them. Get others to help you with the launch.

I'm always happy to see my fellow authors have a successful book event. If you've done something unusual or different to promote you book, be sure and share.


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Monti said...

What a lovely event! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn, and thanks for giving us a new look here whenever we need it!