Monday, September 14, 2009

Help! OTP Author Needs Advice & Input!!!

Ladies and Gents...we need some advice! The Jelly Bean Principle is a great book, but it is just not getting attention. I am stumped and the author is stumped, so we are turning to you for feedback.

The author has been on TV and talk-radio numerous times, and he is an experienced guest in these venues. We've sent a number of review copies, some have responded, some it's too soon to look for them. I have exhibited the book at numerous expos. Lack of effort is just not the problem. My one minus would be that social networking is a bit light.

This book is filled with great advice for small businesses...while doing the interior design, I frequently was drawn into the topics, found that Barry's tips got me rolling on ways to promote OTP. This is not a joke, not eye wash. I mean it. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why we aren't connecting.

So, since I know some of the most creative, talented and effective promoters on the planet hang out here, I am throwing it open. Let me hear it!

Is it the cover? Maybe the title and subtitle should be reversed? (I noted that there is a book about school administration on Amazon called The Jelly Bean Principal!) Maybe the JPB doesn't connect with business people...perhaps it doesn't sound serious enough. Here's the webpage: Jelly Bean Principle

Let's turn this one around! It will be good for the author, for OTP and, in these troubled times, it will be good for our economy!



Two quick thoughts: #1 - As a longtime business owner who is always open to new advice, a book title with Jelly Beans isn't going to attract me if I'm looking for business advice. I want serious if it's business-related and Jelly Beans doesn't do it for me. Also, when I visited the website, the font used was very hard to read, thus greatly reducing my desire to read more.

Sorry I don't have a better response for you - am hoping you wanted sincerity and info that will help.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I do love the cover, but Linda may be right that it won't attract the readership you are looking for.

Michael Orenduff had some excellent ideas.

I also wondered if the author went on a blog tour--that is always helpful to me. For one for this book though, the bloggers would need to be like-minded folks--those looking for business tips.