Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good News and Not So Good News

Hi all,

Best to start with the good news, right? I submitted a play which I wrote to the 78th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. I received notice recently that I was awarded honorable mention for it under the Stage Play Script category. It was a validating experience since there were thousands of entries in the contest. You can see my name on the website.

Also, I recently attended my first meeting of the Delaware Valley division of Sisters in Crime (they call me a brother in crime). It was an interesting meeting with a number of Philadelphia authors and mystery enthusiasts in attendance. The speaker for the day was a state trooper. She said that during her career she never had a medical examiner solve a crime and be so active in the investigation as is depicted in some novels. She also stated that the type of technology that is shown on television shows, such as CSI, just isn't out there. The data bases are not that detailed either. When she stops a car, she runs the license plate, and the computer shows the owner and if the car has been reported as stolen. She then has to get the driver's license number to check his or her information, and it won't even provide a criminal record. It only states if there are any current arrest warrants outstanding.

OK, the not-so-good news is that my daughter contracted the swine flu, and had to be hospitalized. I had to travel to Baltimore where she is living and help out. Hopefully, she is now on the road to recovery. So I definitely have not been on top of the writing scene lately. Hopefully, I will be getting back in the game again.

Gus Cileone, A Lesson in Murder


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

So sorry to hear about your daughter. This swine flu thing is the pits.

Be sure to come to the PSWA conference so you can learn more about what's real and what's not as far as TV, books and movies are concerned. Plus, you know PSWA has a writing contest too.


WS Gager said...

So sorry to hear that Gus. Hope your daughter gets better soon. Congrats on the screenplay!

W.S. Gager

Holli said...

Sorry about your daughter and the swine flu. My kids and I had it, but luckily it was minor compared to most.

Marilyn is right, the PSWA is a great conference, and they are a great source of information for law enforcement/fire department issues.

Holli Castillo