Monday, October 19, 2009

New Blog New Blogger...Heather Smith Thomas!

The lady here is Heather Smith Thomas, an OTP author since we published her book, BEYOND THE FLAMES in 2004. Heather and her family live and work on a ranch in Idaho. Her book takes the reader through the shock, horror, and recuperation of a burn accident, the story of her daughter's injury and battle to survive.

While working the project, doing the layout and so on, I learned so much about a lifestyle completely different from mine, both from the text, and the cover letters she sent with materials, whatever. Heather definitely has a knack for sharing, for giving a reader a window into her unique world. So, it was a given that when blogging erupted, I began to pester Heather about setting up a blog where she could share these vignettes. Now we have done that!

Heather's first post is up at So, get yourself a nice cup of coffee and check it out!


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