Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Covey Cover Awards- Gumbo Justice

The cover of Gumbo Justice is up for vote on the New Covey Cover Awards until October 16, 2009, just as Sunny's cover was up last month. If you get the chance, you can vote for Gumbo Justice at It's number two. Once you choose the cover from the list on the left, you have to scroll down to enter the vote. The covers are all pictured as well, with blurbs for all of the books. I have found some interesting reading on this site, particularly in genres I don't ordinarily read.

This is a pretty interesting contest and promotional opportunity, because everyone who votes can see all of the covers. The covers also contain a blurb about the book, so someone who may never have heard of my book may see it here. Check it out, and if you haven't done so, submit your book cover. It's free and easy and only takes a few minutes to do.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice