Thursday, October 29, 2009

PSWA Writers Conference

Okay, folks, October 31 is almost upon us. Yes, that's Halloween, but it's also the last day for the lowest registration fee for the Public Safety Writers Conference

This is a real writing conference--not just for mystery writers. We have speakers covering all aspects of writing from Point of View to What Your Cover Ought to Look Like. (That's not the title, but you get the idea.) If you're interested in writing for magazines, we've got an expert to tell us the best approach. There will be panels with publishers, including our own, discussing what they are looking for and what turns them off. We'll have a panel on promotion--with all the new things that you can do to promote your book. And yes, there are experts in the mystery and law enforcement fields.

Because it is a small conference there is only one track so you don't have to make up your mind.

You can be on a panel if you let me know and a clue as to what might work for you, you can put that right on the registration form.

Bring you books for sale, PSWA only takes 10% of the price.

And, folks, what a neat place for a vacation. Flights to Vegas are cheaper than anywhere else, the Orleans hotel has a rate for the PSWA conference, and remember, you can take all the expenses for a writers' conference off your income tax.

Rub elbows with Oak Tree Press Publisher, Billie Johnson. Get your photo taken with her.

What a deal! Sign up now!


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