Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tying Together Books and Art Work

Last week, my Hotels to Remember art exhibit opened at The Griffin in Old Towne, Fredericksburg, VA. We hung ten original pastel paintings from my coffee table book, Hotels to Remember, published by Oak Tree. I also have some of the giclees of the original art available at the bookstore/gallery where the show will hang through the month of October.

The response to the book was so positive, it made me wonder why I have not followed through on promotion by exhibiting this art work. Since the book became available, this is the first time I have shown a large number of the paintings in a solo exhibit. Several years ago, I had a show featuring 13 of the paintings from HTR in the Gellman Room of the Richmond Public Library. At that time, the book was not yet available.

The book and the art should be put together as a promotional tool. I am wondering if any of the hotels would welcome an art exhibit of some of the work. I am wondering why I haven't already contacted some of the hotels located in Virginia to see if I can arrange such an event. As a co-author of Published! Now $ell It! I am wondering why I have not followed through on all the good advice from that book.

Hotels to Remember
is a snapshot in time. The artwork is timeless. It's not too late to follow through with art exhibitions that will promote my book. A tie-in between art and writing is always a good investment. That's why authors often create large posters featuring the art from the covers of their books.

What have I been thinking?

Mary Montague Sikes

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