Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What I've Been Up To Today

Spent the morning deciding which books and how many to take to the Springville Apple Festival which will be this Saturday and Sunday right here where I live. Of course I'll be taking my latest Oak Tree Press mystery, No Sanctuary. In honor of Halloween, I'm also going to give away one of my Christian horror novel to anyone who buys two books. And yes, I'm going to have a black tablecloth and yellow crime scene tape again, the combination seems to attract people. Pray for good weather this weekend. It's raining now, and goodness knows we need it, but I don't want to freeze.

Also I put some information together about next year's Public Safety Writer Association that I'm going to take to Hanford on Thursday where I'm meeting with Kate Anderson and Sunny Frazier and will be enlisting their help on the program and other things. Remember, to get in on the Early Bird registration, you need to sign up by October 31!

Because I'm on a blog tour this month, I also went to Facebook and a few other places to let people know I'm visiting Cicero's Children today at http://marywelk.blogspot.com

Next on my agenda is putting together some handouts I'll be using the first weekend in November when I'm giving a talk about Novel Writing in Temecula on Saturday for the Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery Weekend. This is an event I've been participating in for years. I found it because I was a great fan of Erle Stanley Gardner and searched the Internet to see if anyone did anything about him. When I found this annual festival in Temecula I volunteered to come and do something about writing. Sunny has joined me twice. This year Sheila Lowe who presented at PSWA this year is going to talk about handwriting analysis there. Guess who told her about it?

I have another incentive for going there. I always spend Friday night with one of my adult granddaughter and family and Saturday night with her brother and his family. Isn't that fortunate that they both live in the area?

And that's what I've been up to today, what about you?

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