Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery Weekend Writers Conference

I've presented at this particular conference at least five times, maybe more.

This time I was given the general topic of "Novel Writing" and tried to cover as many aspects as I could in one hour. I told the gal in charge, next year let me do one of the many things I talked about such as Characterization instead of trying to clump it all together. As I usually do, I gave out handouts which I hope helped.

Feedback was great.

This was not a good selling venue because there was no time between talks to sell books--none. The book selling was supposed to be between 12 and 12:45 and authors were tucked away in a tiny room off the beaten path. I sold three books, two to one of my former Blue Birds from eons ago, and another to one of the people who heard my talk. Hardly anyone came into the room, much less bought any books. I saw one other person sell a book.

Now, I'm going to put in my plug for the PSWA Conference because I can assure there will be 15 minutes between each talk or panel and books are on sale all day, everyday.

I hope to go back to the ESG Mystery Weekend Writers Conference because it's a paying gig. Last year attendance was low. It's always been free, I told her to charge a fee and she'd get more people. Guess what? It worked.

I love speaking in front of groups whether it be a writing conference or a service or social group. Today I'll be talking to our local Rotary Club.


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