Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gumbo Justice Review

Reviewing the Evidence has a nice review of Gumbo Justice at

There is a general rundown of the new books reviewed, and then a scroll down to the bottom leads to links to the individual books.

I don't know how many people actually look at the reviews when you post a link to it, but I always think it's respectful to do for the website that published the review. Unless of course it's a crappy review, then I probably would pretend like I didn't see it, but that's just me. So far, I haven't had to test it, although I have had two reviewers that wanted to read more about New Orleans.

That's a dilemma, because the places people might want to read about, like the French Quarter, Jackson Square, jazz clubs, are not places locals go on a regular basis. When I read books by people who don't live here, I can always tell, because they'll have locals doing things locals don't normally do. I mean, unless your work in the Quarter, or are out at bachelorette or bachelor party, a local past the age of 25 isn't going to hang out down there.

Also, it's a difficult setting to add in to a mystery series like mine, because we don't have that many murders or rapes in the Quarter, because the police actively patrol it. (How bad would that be for tourism if tourists had to face the same dangers as us locals?) But being that I have had that criticism, I am keeping it in mind as I am plowing away at Jambalaya Justice, the second in the series.

I'm curious as to what other New Orleans settings people would like to read more about. I've covered uptown, the projects, and the courthouse. What settings in New Orleans interest people the most, or what other New Orleans settings do other people find mysterious or potentially suspenseful?

Holli Castillo


WS Gager said...

Great review, Holli. Are you sending books out asking for the reviews or are they just appearing? Just curious. People tell me they like my book but I can't seem to get anyone to put it in writing.

W.S. Gager

BillieJohn said...

I agree that that some touristy references would be good, since it is, after all New Orleans. You can always keep it in character, or off stage, and just go for the reference.

You can do it, Holli!

Mike Orenduff said...

Hey, Holli,

How about Joseph A Craig elementary school where Lai was the first non-black teacher back in the sixties. Now there's a location - right next to the quarter but in a different world. Maude Dedeaux was the principal back then, wife of the well-known New Orleans educator and president of Dillard. We knew everyone in the neighborhood. Even though we advised not to go there, we found it to be a wonderful and accepting place.