Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Book Title and Author Exchange Blog

My blog interview with Linda Faulkner is up on Author Blog Exchange today. Thank you, Sunny Frazier, for the push. I had hoped my next book, Night Watch, would have been released before my blog appeared, but that didn't happen. Billie and I have changed the name of my book. The name, Night Watch, is more appropriate for this book, set in Trinidad, with gunrunning and intrigue a major part of the plot. It is scheduled for release January 15, 2010 which will give me time to plan launch activities without running into Christmas season events. It also will give us more time to develop a good cover. As an artist, I can think of nothing more important than the cover when a potential reader is considering the purchase of a book. Cover design draws me to a book. Then, the title gives me an idea of what kind of book it is. Reading the back blurb is another big part of the purchase equation.

If you have a chance, please look at the interview at and make a comment. Remember that Linda Faulkner is interested in interviewing lots of authors. Please contact her about an interview, if you haven't already.


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