Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oak Tree Press Authors, Attention!

Do you realize how lucky you are to be in Oak Tree Press' stable?

Over the years I've been published by all sorts of publishers, beginning with a major house.

Besides being completely ignorant about what I ought to do for my book, the publisher never gave me any hints nor did they do anymore than just publish the book. It did get into some bookstores and I did one signing I set up myself and sent out flyers to friends. No shock when I didn't get any royalties though years later they did manage to send me royalties from foreign sales.

I've been with publishers who turned out to be crooks--the count is three.

I had a wonderful publisher for awhile--books looked great, we became friends, we went to one book festival together, but as I began to learn about what needed to be done to promote a book and shared the information, she wasn't interested in trying new things. Sadly, she passed away.

I won't go into details with the others I've been with, its enough to say that they either weren't interested in promoting, had no ideas to share, weren't business oriented, or just decided publishing wasn't for them.

Right now I with two great publishers--one of them is Oak Tree.

What is so wonderful about Billie is she is enthusiastic about the books she publishes. She wants them to sell--seems obvious, the more our books sell, the better it is for her too--not all publishers seem to have that concept.

She is also innovative--she keeps trying new things. Putting our books on Amazon's Kindle is one of the new things. The big publishers are now catching on to the fact that this might not be a bad idea.

She has all sorts of other promotion ideas up her sleeve--and we should champion whatever she comes up with.

Promotion is part of the authors job. Not everyone is going to like or enjoy doing the same things.

I must confess, I don't like to make phone calls so arranging booksignings with bookstores is at the bottom of my list--unless I can contact them via email.

This is what I do like to do as far as promotion is concerned:

In Person:

A book launch for any new book. I've tried all sorts of spots from gift stores to coffee shops. I usually do most of the promotion for these and try to get a write up in the local newspaper.

Book and Craft Fairs--the free ones are best, but I'll do any that are under $100 for the spot or booth.

Bookstore Signings with two of my favorite stores, or any that come to me (yes, I have one or two that do that)and even better if they want me to speak.

Library talks and signings. I always give them copies of the books I happen to be promoting.

Last December and this I'll be spending two days in the local Art Gallery with my books.

Attending writing conferencs and mystery conventions. My mystery No Sanctuary is a finalist as an e-book at Epicon in New Orleans. Yes, I'm going, and I'm also giving a presentation about How to Write a Mystery. I'm signed up for Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha too--and of course, the Public Safety Writers Conference which is where I met Billie and talked to her about publishing my Rocky Bluff series after the last publisher quite being a publisher. I'm also signed up for Bouchercon because it is in San Francisco this year--kind of in my neck of the woods.

On line:

These are the promotions you can do without getting dressed--though I usually am.

Blog Tours--I pay for mine because I like the woman I work with and she creates wonderful book trailers--you can see them on my website.

When I'm on a blog tour, I post everyday about where I'll be.

I'm on Facebook, My Space, Twitter and numerous other places and usually just use to get the word out.

I have my own blog, and try to write a new blog everyday. I am also on every Tuesday and Make Mine Mystery, the first and third Tuesday of the month.

I post on DorothyL about books I've read (have to be mysteries) and sneak in promo about my book. I also offer free books when one comes out to the first five who email me from that list.

And when no one has posted for awhile on this blog, or I come up with a good idea, I post here.

What everyone says is that you want name recognition, and this is one the way to get it.

After all, I spent the time writing my books so I'd like for people to read them.

When Billie suggest something to try, I'm going to try it. If she's willing to do something for my book, something that requires me doing some promoting, I'll do it.

Anyway, whether you realize it or not, our publisher does far more for her authors than a lot of small presses do.

And that's my fifty cents worth.



Holli said...

I have no point of reference, this being my first book, but I still have to absolutely agree with you. Wendy (Gager) and I have mentioned to each other how fortunate we feel to have such a good publisher. I feel like we have definitely hit the jackpot.

Holli Castillo

WS Gager said...

Ditto what Holli said. I am grateful to Billie for publishing my books and the next ones in the series. Thanks for the post Marilyn. I am in awe of all the posting you do and you still get the writing done. Trying to learn the balancing act. I appreciate all the sharing you, Sunny and Billie do about promoting.
W.S. Gager
A Case of Infatuation

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Frankly, it's a juggling act that I do, trying to write--two series, two different publishers--and promote, and do all the normal living things.