Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Pot Thief, A Fat Lady, A Walk In, and a Beheaded Corpse

If you're thinking I am referring to new OTP titles, you are right! And as usual, I am preening, gloating with the total fabulosity of the covers...Check this out:

The second in the POT THIEF series finds Hubie plotting ways to burgle a high-rise, high-security building while Susannah explores the world of Internet Dating. Several new players join Miss Gladys, Father Groaz, Tristan, Martin Seepu and the others as Hubie de-tangles his latest complication...we're going to press on Monday!

And THE FAT LADY is singing now...just out a week or so. Margot is drawn into working with a Gilbert & Sullivan troupe that has its eye set on winning an international competition. Max wrestles with writer's block, but by the time they fly to England for the final round of the contest, his creativity is percolating again...but the murderer is still on the loose!

NIGHT WATCH is Monti Sikes' latest Passenger to Paradise novel. This time Monti takes us to exotic Trinidad through the eyes of Lily Henri, a young photo journalist who is trying to shake off the gloom of some life-changing upsets. Lily stumbles into a dangerous situation, which is complicated by her uncanny resemblance to another woman.

The Rocky Bluff PD really has its hands full this time! The victim is found headless, and there are plenty of reasons that he doesn't engender a lot of sympathy, despite the brutality of his demise.

What an exciting lineup!!


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Billie has even more reasons to gloat as do two of her authors, Michael Orenduff and myself.

We both are finalist in the Epic e-book contest in mystery/suspense with his first The Pot Thief mystery and me with, No Sanctuary written as F. M. Meredith.

Exciting times

Holli said...

Congrats to both of you! That must be very exciting. And the new books coming out look great too. Our publisher has certainly made some good choices with covers and with authors.

BillieJohn said...

Yes, Holli and that means you too!!