Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Billie Johnson, OTP publisher will be a speaker at Epicon! Woo hoo!

For those of you who don't know, Epicon is Epic's convention. Epic is an international organization for electronically published authors and publishers. They have always been the leaders of e-publishing.

I've been an e-published author since books were first e-published. Now, with Kindle, electronic publishing has finally been accepted.

Besides being invited as a speaker, Billie has two other good reasons to attend, two of her books are finalists in the mystery category--that's two books out of the four finalists! One is Michael Orenduff's, The Pot Thief, and the other is my No Sanctuary.

I've been a finalist before but never a winner. Because I think The Pot Thief is a fantastic book, I don't expect I'll be a winner this time either, but it's always an honor to be a finalist.

And yes, I'll be in New Orleans at the Epicon. I'm a speaker too, going to do my interactive talk on "How to Write a Mystery" for the adults and on Saturday for the young writer's track.

Any of you who have books on Kindle can join Epic. It's http://www.epicauthors.com
for information.

Now that I know Billie will be there, I'm looking forward to Epicon and New Orleans even more.