Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

I just want to join Marilyn Meredith and Monti Sykes and second and third their plans for 2010. I just created my own blog and I plan to be much more active. I've been reading tons and watching the "mavens" and what they do and am ready to launch my own marketing frenzy on the web. I've created my own blog at and have my first post there talking about A Case of Infatuation and the next book in the Mitch Malone Mystery series. I plan to set up a blog tour and talk about my successes and failures and look forward to hearing about others. I'm a big believer in learning from others!

Twitter is next on my list but I'm not sure I can be that brief but will be giving it a shot. Any help for Twitter would be appreciated. I've heard great things about what it can do on Murder Must Advertise group.

As 2009 comes to a close, I would also like to thank Oak Tree Press and its fabulous publisher, Billie Johnson, and the great group of writers under its masthead. We are a potent force and will continue to create more buzz working together and promoting each other. Here's to more cross promotions in 2010 and sales that skyrocket.

(As I raise my glass of Spumante) Here's to 2010 and writing success.
(Big gulp here and feeling the bubbles tickle my nose) Everything is possible . . .