Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

My mother used the expression "once in a blue moon" quite often. She would say that something only happens "once in a blue moon." As a child, I didn't know what she meant. Now I do.

Tonight, we will have a "blue moon" for New Year's Eve. That's a second full moon in the month and a very rare occurrence on New Year's Eve.

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions--at least ones that I'm able to keep--so my New Year's resolutions are a once in a blue moon event. Thanks to Marilyn Meredith, here are my resolutions that I intend to keep. You may want to claim some of these as well.

1. Blog more--a lot more. Not only here but on "Notes Along the Way" and other places as well. Whenever an opportunity to blog pops up, take it. As authors we need to be out there and available to our readers.

2. Write more, paint more, and promote more.

3. Complete three manuscripts and send them out.

4. Follow the book markets. Learn what the trends are and take advantage. Read what reviewers are saying and note the books drawing most attention.

5. Realize the world is changing. There is a shift in the direction of e-books. Take advantage of these changes and promote with them in mind.

The photograph at the top is a "once in a blue moon" picture (for me) taken from the window of a B-757 en route to San Jose on our recent California trip. I love photos of clouds from above and admire the Georgia O'Keeffe paintings of that subject. Regarding our "once in a blue moon" New Year's Eve, in Virginia we do not expect to see the moon through the clouds.

Happy New Year!



Discount coupons said...

New year's eve is fun totally enjoyable.... welcome 2010.

BillieJohn said...

Great thoughts, Monti! I am very romantic about NY Eve, NY Day, and use it as a time to review goals from years past, and create new ones for the upcoming year, and I have been doing that the past couple of days!

I think it is just amazing the number of things that come true or happen, once you write them down.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

lmjanz27@hotmailcom said...

Love your thoughts about blue moon. I took the time to look at the moon NYE. It was beautiful. Like you, I don't make New Year resolutions. I try to set goals and keep them.
LoAnna aka Cierra James

Monti said...

Which comes first, the thought or the actual thing? I love it that you are writing down your goals and they're coming true, Billie!

Sorry we couldn't see the "blue moon" in Virginia like Cierra got to see it!

It's extremely cold here today and will continue that way (and colder) all of next week. What ever happened to global warming?


Anita Birt said...

This is a very late comment! It's January 30 and there's a full moon tonight.

I'm contending with a serious health issue and my creative writing is taking a back seat. However, I have started a new blog, A STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE - with recipes. Join the stroll and send in recipes you have treasured over the years.

limo hire said...

Hi monti...

such a graceful blue moon.

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