Monday, December 14, 2009


Promotion seems to be more of a bear the longer the book is out. It becomes increasingly difficult to find websites I haven't hit already. One that I did get a mention on a while back was Book Club Queen, with a date set for December 8th or 9th for an interview and a feature. Luckily, I put it on my calendar to check on it, because when the date rolled around, I hadn't heard from them again.

Doing a lot of promotion over the last six months, I couldn't recall if I had already sent in answers to an interview, if I had provided them with the book cover, etc.. (Lesson for December, write down actions I have already taken when I calendar something.) I kind of felt stupid emailing to see if I had already sent in something or if I was waiting for questions.

Fortunately, Desiree was extremely nice/apologetic about missing the date, and it turned out she had fallen behind in sending out the questions. I answered them quickly, sent her everything she asked for and today it showed up at

Desiree emailed me to let me know it was up, with links to the book review and the interview. I've put the links on my twitter, facebook, and my own websites. After this I'm going to have to start trolling the internet for new sources, however.

I also had the opportunity to sell my book at a holiday bazaar for my kids' school. It was a fund raiser, so I had to pay $25 for the table. We also found out we had to pay parish taxes, apparently someone from last year must have ratted out the group, so the sheriff's rep was there, handing out little forms to make sure we sent in our 4.5% by December 26. (We'll also have to match that and pay the state another 4.5%.)

The weather was iffy in the morning. It had been raining the night before and was really cold, but it cleared up to a beautiful, if nippy, day. (Probably high 30's, which is like below zero to us.)

I sold enough books to make it worthwhile, and got to talk to some interesting people. I met another parent who is also an attorney, who sells shutters he paints to look like fish and fleur de lis. I also met a lady whose son is writing a book, and several of the teachers bought copies for relatives. (You'd be surprised at the number of teachers who don't really like to read. Well, maybe in Louisiana you wouldn't be.)

In any event, it was fun, since I knew a great many of the people, and most of the stuff people were selling was so overpriced it made my book look like a Christmas bargain. I am now contemplating checking out some local venues that charge a nominal fee to vendors to sell books and other merchandise. I am not much for the whole selling myself face-to-face to the public thing, it feels too show-offy, but my husband could sell water to a drowning man, so we make a pretty good team. Hopefully, next time the temperature will be a comfortable 65.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Those are the kind of venues where I do the best. Some I pay for, some I don't. I was the only author at an art gallery last weekend where the artists sold boutique items. No charge, just had to sit there all day and try to well my book. My biggest selling place is the Apple Festival in Springville, costs $75 for a spot, you have to bring your own tent, table, etc., but really worth it in what I sell.

Holli said...

I guess it's trial and error to figure out what's worth the effort or money to pursue and what isn't. I would ask other local writers, but they seem a little strange to me. Not mean, exactly, but a little full of themselves. I'll mention no names (you probably wouldn't have heard of them anyway.) I've met one really nice local writer who is a cop but he's not really a promotion animal.

WS Gager said...

I'm with Holly. I usually hear about events after they are held. Not real helpful for this year. I have seen the same guy at several arts and crafts things and at a mall on Black Friday. I don't think he sold much that day. Everyone was intent on bargains. Here it's 20 degrees and blowing snow. Won't be much places to sell anywhere until spring. Time to hunker down and write and internet promote. Wendy