Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things Do Multiply

This past weekend I spent Friday and Saturday in the Porterville Art Gallery among all the artists and craftsmen. I had my own table with all my books, though I was at the back of the building by the Christmas tree. Actually, not a bad spot as there were free refreshments in the next room as well as sign-ups for door prizes.

I didn't sell a ton of books, 8 the first day and 6 the second--actually not too bad considering it poured both days.

The newspaper sent over a reporter and a photographer and the reporter came both days. She's a darling young woman (looks like she's 16) who is a stringer. I feel like I know her as she's turned up at a lot of events where I've been selling my books. She asked me loads of questions so I figured there'd be something about me and my books in the paper.

Yesterday, there was an article on the front page titled, Marilyn Meredith Authors New Mystery Novel. It was quite a long article and told a lot about me and both my newest books, No Sanctuary, from Oak Tree Press and Dispel the Mist from Mundania.

Whether I sold a lot of books or not, having that great article on the front page of the paper was worth all the time I spent at the Art Gallery.

I have no more appearances this month but I do have a week long appearance on a blog called Mysterious People. The owner of the blog asked if she could put up a repeat of one of my interviews from December 19th through the 26th and would I give away two books? Of course I said yes. So I'll be promoting that like crazy.

I'll spend any free time I have during the holidays working on my next book. Then after the first of the year, An Axe to Grind will be coming from Oak Tree and I'll be back in the saddle promoting it like crazy.


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