Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interview Opportunity

uesday, January 19, 2010
Interview Opportunity
Awhile back I gave a sort of tutorial on the Art of Blogging. In other words, I gave some tips on blogging.

If you have a blog it must be updated frequently. I try to do mine once a day. Once in awhile I miss, but you do know you can write blogs ahead and just have them post when you want them to post? Just click Post Option and pick and date and time.

If you like what someone said in there blog, leave a comment. Don't write a new blog with only one or two lines. If you have exciting news you want everyone to know, expand on the information so that it will be a blog post and not a comment.

If you put in a URL, use that funny thing in the top that looks like a frog face to me so that you'll get a hot link. It's best to write the link out in the post, highlight and then click on the "frog face". You'll have to write the link again, but that should assure it being a link that will click through. (Billie is the one who told me how to do this.)

Okay, now for the interview opportunity. On my own blog http://marilynmeredith.blogspot.com
I'm interviewing members of PSWA on Fridays.

For those of you who are not PSWA members, I'm offering to do interviews on other days during the week. All you have to do is let me know you'd like to be interviewed and I'll send you some questions to answer. You can answer them or not, or add some of your own. I'd love a photo and book cover(s) sent to me as attachments.

I'll let you know when the interview will be posted and you can let all your friends, lists know and put it on Facebook and Twitter. Another way to get some publicity.

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Monti said...

Sounds like a good opportunity. I'd love to be interviewed!