Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morro Rock, Surf, and Central Coast Sisters in Crime

These are photos of Morro Rock, some taken through in the evening and others in the morning. There'll be more up on Monday.

This is a quaint little town with a spectacular view--and great restaurants.

We stayed in a kind of cheap hotel--but what the hay, it had beds, a shower and toilet, what else do you need? Someone needed to tell them that a little bleach in the wash water would help their dingy, nearly worn out towels and the heating system left much to be desired.

The Central Coast Sisters in Crime Workshop had nearly as many instructors as attendees--which made it nice for the attendees, because they got some real hands on help with the five pages of their manuscripts.

Always love spending time with the CC SinC gals, especially Victoria and Sue.

Check my personal blog today too for more photos.


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Monti said...

Not fair!!! It's probably warm there as well! At least I discovered the icicles I hung in my porch/gallery for the season look identical to the real ones now hanging outside our kitchen!