Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PSWA Conference

I have finally made flight and rental car arrangements for the Las Vegas PSWA conference. I had booked the room, but was debating whether to make it a longer road trip (from New Orleans), or to fly. The underwear bomber and the terrorists alerts have me a bit nervous, but in the end, not as nervous as spending three 8-10 hour days in the car with my two girls and the husband. Reality slapped me in the face when my husband pointed out by the time we got to Lafayette LA, driving, we could already be getting off the plane in Vegas.

It would have been interesting though- 8 hours from New Orleans to Dallas, one night in Dallas, 10 hours from Dallas to Albuquerque, one night in Albuquerque, and then 8 or so hours to Vegas. The main drawback (other than the time in the car with the family- or did I mention that?) is that we wouldn't have really gotten to see anything. Dallas is a place I would want to spend several days, as is Albuquerque.

In addition to agonizing over travel plans, I've been busy working on Jambalaya Justice, the follow up to Gumbo Justice, and had a few breakthroughs that hopefully will make the novel even better. I'm trying to get it finished and polished in time for Billie to have it out by PSWA. I saw the interview on Marilyn's blog with Mike Orenduff, and I can't wait for the Orenduff's presentation at the PSWA conference.

And of course I have to mention that in New Orleans, we're all gearing up for the Saints first visit ever to the Superbowl, and Mardi Gras a week and a half after that. There are a lot of distractions around this city normally for a writer, but this is pure insanity. Fortunately, I do insanity well.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice


Mike Orenduff said...

We will be driving to Las Vegas, but of course I won't have two children along, so that makes it easier. When people ask why I would drive so far rather than fly, I answer that I'll be doing maybe a dozen signings on the way and another dozen on the return. But the real reason is I hate to fly.

WS Gager said...

Holli: I've been thinking about you so much lately and you answered many of my questions in the blog. I'm glad you are going again. I have to wait until the last minute or see if my husband has a job so I can afford to promote and travel. I've been struggling getting my second book done too but added lots which makes it better too. I'm just waiting for a cop friend on a couple of details and then it is off to Billie. Can't wait. I've watched the football games and have been cheering for the Saints on your behalf. Great fun this weekend!
We drove to Vegas and I loved it. Just the scenery out the window was worth it buy my kids are older and we didn't do much sight seeing except the Grand Canyon. Take care!

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