Monday, March 29, 2010

Joint Author Booksigning in Morro Bay

The Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay hosted 6 members of the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime on Sunday from 1-3.

It was very successful. I sold 16 books, very good for a 2 hour event with 5 other authors. We took turns speaking and there was lots of food and drink and a couple of bottles of wine.

Why did it work so well?

My thoughts are first, the bookstore did some advertising. A great article appeared in the newspaper about all of the authors attending. Posters were up in the store. The various authors told people about the event.

And it was a true event. The bookstore has a lovely garden and wedding chapel. All the speaking went on in the chapel.

Each author had a 10 minute time to talk, then that author went outside to stand by their book display. People came, looked at the books, and picked up what they wanted to buy. For each person who remained for the next speaker, they got a raffle ticket--and this happened each time--and a ticket was drawn. Raffled items were books and finally a large gift basket filled with Easter items and books.

Very few people left, so everyone who was there heard all the speakers. The bookstore took care of sales so the authors didn't have to mess with the money.

Each author contributed some kind of food and so did the members of that Sisters in Crime group. The bookstore set up coffee, hot water for tea and a couple of bottles of wine.

A few authors read a section from their book, one read a bit of the manuscript of the next one coming. I told about my two series though I focused on an Axe to Grind, why I write about people in law enforcement, read one of the reviews I received, and generally made people laugh.

I'd put up a photo, but Blogger is having an off day when it comes to posting photos.


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Monti said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for a wonderful description of a successful event!