Monday, April 19, 2010


Hi everyone!

Billie Johnson and I came up with the idea of an all-genre Western line to broaden the scope of OTP. The response on the Internet has been amazing! However, we'd like some ideas and/or opinions on a title for the new line to go with Dark Oak, Cop Tales and Timeless Love.

Here are some titles we came up with:

Sage Writers

Spur Line

Posse and Petticoats?

Sagebrush Sagas
Purple Sage Opera

Continental Divide
High Plains Writers
Western Roundup
Wild West Gazette


Mother Lode

Hanging Tree


Best of the West.  


WS Gager said...

How about "Wild Oaks" or "Wild Oak Westerns"

The contest can be called the Hanging Tree Contest for books that you can't put down!

Just a quick thought.
W.S. Gager

Holli said...

I think it would depend upon what subgenre you're thinking of- western romance? western mystery? I liked Tumbleweed myself, but it seems to need a word after it or before it maybe.

True story, a friend of mine came back after the hurricane and was touring the Gentilly area of Elysian Fields, one of the areas hit by the Industrial Canal breach.

Hardly anyone was back yet so she and her husband got out of the car it the middle of the street at a green light just to experience it, and she said an honest to God tumbleweed rolled down the street in front of her car and kept on going. I can hear the western music in my head right now.

I like Tumbleweed. It reminds me of danger and romance.

Holli Castillo

Monti said...

Westward Ho! I love the period which is so American!!!


Sunny Frazier said...

Maybe "Tumbleweed Tales?" Does that resonate with anyone?

I do like Wild Oak Westerns. Keeps it in "the family tree." Ouch! Did I say that?

We were thinking something very different, an "all-genre" line. It can be historical, romance, adventure, Y/A, even sci fi/fantasy (think West World). I'm already getting some terrific submissions. Really shaking things up in the writing world.

Kit Sloane said...

I like High Plains Writers. It could encompass lots of styles of "western" books. Reminds me, happily, of ole Clint Eastwood. He's done pretty well, too!


M.M. Gornell said...

If this is open to non Oak Tree authors (many of whom I count as friends!)-- I like "The Way West," "Western Trails," and "Western Bound." Much success with the new imprint. Sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Since "Wild Oaks" or "Wild Oak Westerns" ties in with Oak Tree Press, I'd vote for either of those.


Sunny Frazier said...

We liked Wendy's idea a lot and so went with "Wild Oaks: Novels of the Wild West." I'm going to announce the decision online.

People, you wouldn't BELIEVE the reaction we're getting! Apparently our instincts were right, there's an ignored readership out there. MWA wants to quote us, the buzz is strong and we're already getting some terrific manuscripts. Billie and I talked this over on Sunday, it's only been two days!

I'm also very impressed at how well the suggestion to blog was received. You people ROCK!