Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi authors.

Sunny here. We have a "problem" and I want to do something about it. Co-operation, PLEASE!

We have a blog at OTP. Marilyn Meredith has politely asked us to participate. We have ignored the suggestion. Yes, even me, who seems to find time to blog everywhere but OTP.

I think the problem is that the request is open-ended and we all have busy lives. I believe in deadlines. I believe all of you have something to contribute. Not the announcement of your latest book or even your latest terrific review. All of us should be aware of the status of each person in the house. No, I'm talking about a blog forum where we talk to each other, give pointers, ask questions, discuss what we have learned out there in the promotional world, share info. Posts that are worth other people's time to read as well.

You may not be aware of this, but OTP is getting noticed in a very positive manner. We're getting exceptional queries and people who are already skilled in marketing. Authors from other houses are jumping ship to join us. I think we are a supportive community of writers, not competing for sales but working together to build the small publishing house. I like to use the word "OTP family" when I post.

Billie has never wanted to come off as the parent scolding us for ignoring our own site. I don't have the problem of applying peer pressure. So, here's my plan:

We put up a fresh blog on Sundays. All of us know the blog will be up, so monitor it and post replies. That gives us a week to go to the sites we're on and say, "Hey, this is what we're talking about over at OTP." You are basically putting your "voice" out to the public, displaying your insights and promoting each other as well as the publishing house.

How to start? Well, I have a list already in my group addresses, so I'm going alphabetically. First up:

Keith Bettinger, April 25.

Lauren Carr, May 2.

Holli Castillo, May 9.

Sunny Frazier, May 16.

Wendy Gager, May 23.

Dennis Griffin, May 30.

Billie Johnson, June 6.

Marilyn Meredith, June 13.

Monti Olen, June 20.

Mike Orenduff, June 27.

Kit Sloan, July 4.

Sandra Vondrak, July 11.

More to come, but this is what I've got for now. I don't think this is a huge demand or committment on anyone's part.

If you can't make the date, contact me and I'll reschedule. Decide not to participate and I will take that as an indication that you don't want or need promotional tools. Your choice.

So, contact me and let me know. Ball in your court.



Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Sure, I'll do it, but we need to have a change of content more often than this. Frankly, unless content changes nearly every day, you lose your followers.

I do know that I've had several private requests from authors asking about OTP and of course I've given favorable answers.

Might I suggest that when someone does their assigned blog that everyone make a comment. If you have lots to say, do a new blog but set it up for the next day.

You know you can go in and put a blog up to appear on a specific day and time.

Look at the list of followers, many of them are not OTP authors--so think about that when you blog.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

And a little bit more, Sunny, because it's obvious not everyone visits the blog, you'll probably have to send notices to the authors to let them know you've given them an assignment. Remind them about the blog and maybe even give them a clue as how to submit the blog and how to leave a comment.

Sunny Frazier said...

I'm not one to check a blog daily. With a weekly schedule, we all know when to check out the blog and I think it won't be such an obligation. Of course there can be blogs inbetween, but my energy will be spent in the direction of promoting the Sunday blogs.

Seems to me luring folks to read the blog by interesting headlines and a bit of teasing garners the right attention. I'm tired of people seeing blogs as blahs. When did it stop being fun as well as informative???

Holli said...

I put my date on the calendar but will likely blog before then. I agree that it is more interesting when others comment, and it also makes the blogger feel they are not blogging in vain or just to be vain. While I do love the sound of my own voice, yat accent and all, my ultimate goal is to have people read what I write, and if no one comments, I assume (a) no one read it or (b) it was boring and no one liked it.

I also took advice from Sunny and Marilyn and learned on at least one site how to set up blogs to show up in the future. Until I read that from these two wonderful women, I had no idea such a thing existed. So I will try in my "down" time to do several blogs at once like Sunny does, and schedule them to come out at different times.

Holli Castillo