Monday, May 24, 2010


For Holli and anyone else interested,

I Googled "Independent Authors Book Awards" and got about 4 million hits. The first page had all the biggies! Give Google a try!

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Holli said...

Thanks Kit. I guess my question also centers around how do you know which of these are also reputable and considered impressive. You could go bankrupt entering contests, as I learned by entering screenplay contests.

At some point, unfortunately after the fact, I realized some contests are not looked upon that highly even if you do win. While you could call your screenplay award winning, as soon as a producer asked what contest you won, you were busted.

I also found you can't always trust what people post online about the contests, because the winners tended to say great things and the people who didn't win often dissed it. It was really difficult to figure out which contests were worth the fee. Any ideas?

Holli Castillo