Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Way Can I Top Mike's Book Tour

There's no way I could do what Mike Orenduff is doing, but it sure is fun to hear about it.

Last weekend I had a table at the Jane Austen Festival and we spent the night before in a hotel in Fresno so we could set up the day before--the event was held on Saturday.

Even though my eyes are closed in the photo, you can see some of my display. I met a gal who follows The Stiletto Gang, a blog I post to on Tuesdays. And that brings me to what I like best about in-person events, all the people you get to meet. I'm sure Mike's meeting plenty too.

I've been to several of these book fests and craft fairs this year with a few more coming. Once in awhile I discover a new one, but find I'm already booked for something else.

My next event is Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha, a fun mystery con. What we're looking forward to most is seeing the people we've made friends with in Omaha over the years as well as those who come from out of town like us. It's rather like going to a family reunion.

I feel the same about the PSWA conference that's coming in June when we'll meet with a lot of our OTP authors as well as a lot of law enforcement people. I do hope we can get an updated photo of all of us.

I've never done what Mike is doing and I fear I'm too old to start. I am anxious to hear how he planned his trip and arranged all his signings though--I'm expecting him to share when we see him in Las Vegas.


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Holli said...

Mike's book tour adventure sounds fun, but I doubt I could do it either. I don't think I'm too old, but it takes a level of organization I do not possess.

And Marilyn, you're not exactly a slouch in the touring/book signing/promotion/conference department.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice