Monday, May 10, 2010

Pot Thief Tour 2010 - Day 1

Driving west is liberating. The vistas grow larger, the skies higher, the air drier. Claustrophobic greenery gives way to open plains, to stark plateaus, then finally to towering mountains. We left Georgia where bugs and snakes hide beneath vines and last year’s fallen leaves and entered a starker land where nothing is hidden, where the earth is fresh and clean, its mineral self laid bare.

We are tonight in Texas, the transition state, its eastern half part of the old south, its western half the entrance to the new west. Top soil a mile deep and rivers red with clay give way to bare rock and dry arroyos. I’m going home. I begin to breathe again. I feel lighter, unencumbered by the fecundity of fertile fields.

Tomorrow we will reach West Texas, a longer trek than the one today that took us through four states. I will stand in the parched parking lot of a cheap motel in Fort Stockton or Van Horn and stare at mountains a hundred miles away. My soul will be restored.

The first event is Thursday, a talk to the students at Ysleta High School, my alma mater in El Paso. The next day I sign books at the Palace Hotel in Silver City, New Mexico. In my mind, I am already there.


Holli said...
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Holli said...

I removed my last comment because I wrote "writ" instead of "write" and even these Southern genes couldn't allow that to remain in print associated with my name.

Anyway, the short version of my comment was that your tour sounds great but I wish you were coming near us. The weather is unusually cool for New Orleans in May, which probably does in fact signify the end of the world.

I hate to drive, and you make it sound like fun- can you write something about math to inspire my kids please? I've given up.

And does your Pot Thief Tour happen to pass through Vegas in June for the PSWA? Hoping to see ya'll there!

Mike Orenduff said...

Will be at PSWA, Hollie. Looking forward to seeing you, although I can guarantee that it won't be cool in Vegas in late June.

Holli said...

Yeah, but 100 degrees in Vegas feels like 99, so I won't complain.