Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sisters in Crime and mystery panel

We just wrapped up our season of meetings with the Delaware Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime with a cookout in May. I am an honorary "sister" or "mister sister" or "brother in crime" - take your pick. We had some very interesting speakers at these sessions, dealing with such topics as martial arts, auto accident reconstruction (did you know that cars have "black boxes'?), state police activities, and lie detector tests. At the cookout, we celebrated member Elena Santangelo's nonfiction Agatha Award for her book on Agatha Christie's short mysteries.

I was part of a murder mystery panel on May 22 at the local Barnes and Noble with four other authors sponsored by the local library. It was fun fielding questions from a large audience, and talking with the other writers: Jack Dobbyn; Irene Fleming; Donna Huston Murray; and R. Michael Phillips.

I'll be attending the Philadelphia Writers' Conference again in a couple of weeks and will be one of the authors at the Summer Library Festival in Norristown, PA on July 15.

Here's wishing everyone a fun summer.

Gus Cileone

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Sunny Frazier said...

Gus, your chapter of SinC sounds great and I'm glad you're involved. So many men shy away from this group and don't understand the benefits of being a "Mister Sister."

Please keep up updated on the upcoming conferences. Would love to hear what you spoke on, who you met, all the juicy gossip. Excuse me, INTEL. (men don't gossip. . .)