Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Last weekend I attended a Jane Austen Fest. I had no idea so many people were so avidly enthusiastic about everything to do with Jane Austen, even to the point of wearing the clothing of that day.

When I was asked to be a vendor at the event, I did question the organizer as to the appropriateness of my attendance since I wrote modern mysteries. She assured me that the fact that I was a local writer was enough. (I think it may have had more to do with the fact that she didn't have a whole lot of vendors.)

In any case, the night before the event, hubby and I packed up my books and headed to Fresno where the event was being held. We went then because we were able to set up our table that afternoon which meant we wouldn't have to hurry the next day. We had time for a great dinner and stayed in a really nice hotel that provided breakfast in the morning.

This was the first time for this particular event but there was a steady stream of people who perused the offerings up for sale. Some folks weren't the least bit interested in my table, but many were. I met a lot of folks, answered many questions about my books, the writing of them, how to get published (the usual for this kind of event), handed out lots of business cards--and yes, I sold quite a few books.

It's possible that I'll have some new fans among the Jane Austen devotees and my husband and I had a good time.

Look around where you live and see what kind of opportunities might be waiting where you can sell some of your books.


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Kit Sloane said...

As a fervent "reader," I list mysteries, Jane Austen, and everything else that's good as my favorites. True readers try everything and, as Marilyn states, it makes sense to "take advantage of every opportunity" to place your books in front of them.

At the UCF Book Fest in Orlando, we were sixty authors of EVERYTHING, fiction, nonfiction, genre, poetry, everything in between. All the panels were well attended and we all sold a bundle. Readers love good books, period!

PS doesn't Marilyn look GREAT!