Saturday, June 19, 2010

East and West Linked

The Public Safety Writers Conference in Las Vegas opened on Thursday with a brief history of the organization. What fun to hear about its beginning with Roger Fulton serving as the founder.

Roger was a member of the Chesapeake Bay Writers Club (in Virginia) at the time. Jane Deringer was his mentor. Roger, Jane, and I were all founding members of the CBW. In fact, Roger came up with the name--Chesapeake Bay Writers. Jane was also instrumental in the founding of the Police Writers Association. I remember her advising Roger, judging contests, and attending some of the earliest conventions, at least one of which took place in Williamsburg, VA near my home town.

Roger moved away from the area, and I lost track of him. Jane died a few years ago--a tremendous loss to the Tidewater Virginia writing community.

As I attend the excellent conference presentations, I think about how things have come full circle and how pleased my friend and writing teacher extraordinaire, Jane Deringer, would be to see the evolution of PSWA. East and west are well-connected here.

Mary Montague Sikes

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