Sunday, June 27, 2010

OTP Author Wins Big at PSWA Conference

No, surprise that Michael Orenduff won the firs prize over all the published for his Pot Thief book.

W.S. Gager won a prize too, but at the moment can't remember what it was for. I have a photo of her accepting her prize, but I'm having trouble with downloading photos on blogger for some reason.

PSWA contest is a good contest for authors to enter. It's inexpensive and there are lots of categories for published and unpublished works--even poetry.

As one of the judges I can't enter, and it's a good thing--I'd hate to keep getting shut out by Mike. (I'm joking, folks. Mike's writing is wonderful and he deserves every prize he wins.)

Don't forget Lingering Spirit is now available.

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Mike Orenduff said...

Thanks for posting this, Marilyn. As you cal tell from my smile, I was delighted to win for three reasons. First, any prize is good. Second, I couldn't remember for sure if I had entered, so it made me happy that I did. Finally - as all the guys said - it was fun to pose with our "Judge,"