Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vegas Headliners!!

Today, I am putting the final touches on the books that will debut at the PSWA conference in Las Vegas later this month. Last year, we released two books (GUMBO JUSTICE and A CASE OF INFATUATION) so this year I had to stretch it out, step up that goal and so we have SIX to introduce in the Entertainment Capital of the World!

In alpha order by title, they are....

The second issue in the Mitch Malone Mystery Series finds Mitch puzzling over an automobile accident where the facts seem at conflict with each other. And Mitch just can't leave it alone...

A beautiful victim, millions of dollars on the line, a spunky octogenarian, and a new boss who wants to plaster Mitch's mug on the sides of buses combine to complicate things for Grand River Journal's star crime reporter.

Like the subtitle says, this is a bird's eye view of "what happens when DRAGNET meets CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?" Keith Bettinger's sassy, laugh-out-loud-funny short story collection looks at the lighter side of law enforcement and teaches us that it is never a good idea to take ourselves too seriously.

FOOLS is Sunny Frazier's first Christy Bristol Astrology Mystery. The second in the series was released by OTP last year, and the third is still keeping Sunny up late at night with final tweaking and polishing. Lucky for us, we picked up the rights from the first publisher, gave it a new (and stunning!) cover and added it to the OTP catalog.

In this introduction to Christy, a sincere but savvy member of the Central Valley CA Sheriff's department, we find that the man who broke her heart turns up again, looking for a favor. The surprise is doubled when he reveals to Christy that he wants her to cast the horoscope of a drug dealer he is tracking. The chart is intended to be bait for drugged out Lloyd Parr, but, as it turns out, Christy herself becomes the bait. Intense and suspenseful, FOOLS is a super read.

John Taylor's latest takes us back to the Sizzlin' Sixties, Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll plus racial tensions, star-crossed loves and a war threatening to tear our country apart. We follow Brian through these troubled times, from his days at Fort Campbell, KY through his service with the 101st Airborne paratroopers. If you read John's debut novel DAYS ON THE BEACH, you know he delivers a you-are-there reading experience, and LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES is no exception.

I am an unabashed fan of all Marilyn Meredith's writing, from the Rocky Bluff PD series OTP was lucky enough to snag, to the fascinating Tempe Crabtree series... heck, I even love her monthly newsletter and drop everything to read it the instant I spot it in my inbox. So, the chance to put this story into a paper book (it has been "out there" digitally for a while) was a thrill. This story, loosely based on events in Meredith's own life, finds a young wife learning that her cop-husband has been killed in the line of duty. The author takes us through the heart-breaking days of his final arrangements and walks us along with Nicole adjusting life as a young widow and trying to ease the way back for her young daughters. This is a wonderful read, so get the book, but read with your Kleenex handy!

Our Vegas conference will mark the 10-12th year that Monti and I have been meeting in hotels! We first met in a nice Orange County CA property in 1999 or 2000, about the time of the RWA National conference. For those of you who don't know Monti, in addition to her novels, Monti is an accomplished artist, painter, photographer, teacher, workshop leader and newspaper reporter. Monti's images have been used for covers for several OTP books in addition to most of her own. Her novel, HEARTS ACROSS FOREVER, inspired the PASSENGER TO PARADISE series and the Timeless Love imprint. NIGHT WATCH is the fourth in the series that takes the reader to exotic destinations where equal doses of romance and suspense keep you turning pages. In this latest, we follow Lily to mysterious Trinidad where she tries to come to grips with recent traumatic changes in her life...made more complex by the charming and handsome Kyle...

So, these are the newest additions to OTP's lists, and I am not embarrassed in the least to say how incredibly proud I am of our authors and our titles...all of them!

See you in Vegas!

Billie Johnson
Publisher, OTP


WS Gager said...

What a line up, Billie! Did you get any time in your garden this spring? Great job. Can't wait to get my hands on them!
W.S. Gager

Monti said...

Thank you, Billie!

Has it been that long ago since we first sat down in that big lobby? I haven't been back to Orange County since then, but it's still my favorite California airport!

The books all sound marvelous! I'm looking forward to seeing them and seeing you as well. What fun!!!


Holli said...

Can't wait for the conference and a chance to pick up the new books. I'm so jealous I couldn't get Jambalaya Justice out in time, but at least I'll come home with a bunch of great books (with great covers) to read.

I read Wendy's new one already in PDF, and it is a keeper, so I'll definitely have to get a copy.

Congrats Billie on getting so many books out in time for the conference. Anyone who calls indie publisher Oak Tree Press a "small" press doesn't know what he's talking about!

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I can hardly wait!

Kit Sloane said...

Hope everyone has a fabulous time in Las Vegas and continues to spread the good word about OTP. Hope to join you all there next year!


BeverlyaLauderdale said...

Although I'm late in posting, I'm sincere in praising the new novels that will be available at the Las Vegas Conference. Thank you, Billie, for releasing an ever-increasing number of books. It does the heart good!