Monday, July 19, 2010

Report on Book Launch for Lingering Spirit

Nothing came out in the newspaper about the signing on Saturday until Friday. I was beginning to panic since I'd sent announcements to the editor of the paper a couple of times and I gave her a book. She is a friend, so I certainly expected at least a mention. And as an aside, I received an email from her Sunday morning and she'd read the book and loved it.

We arrived at the bookstore a half hour early, something I always do. The bookstore owners had cookies and cold drinks waiting for us. At one, beginning time, no one came. Then at 1:15, still no one. I entertained myself by watching pigeons flying in and out of a hole in a screen of a second story abandoned restaurant right across the street.

Then the door opened and in came a mom and daughter from church. Not long after another woman from church who I'm also on Facebook with. A whole family I'm on Facebook with arrived. Not long after, one of my friends who I sent an invitation too--she never reads her email--and she brought two friends. A good friend who doesn't have a computer who I also sent an invitation came to see me and buy a book.
Last but not least, my deceased son's widow arrived and she'd seen the notice in the paper. I was thrilled to see her, it had been far too long.

Everyone bought books, some two. So it was a good day, and better than I expected since it was about 103 outside.

Next week I'm headed up in the mountains above Fresno to a little bookstore called Willow Bridge Books in Oakhurst. I've emailed the people I know who live in the general area and I'll be putting more about it on Facebook. I'll let you know how that one turns out.

And of course all week I'll still be on by blog tour.


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