Monday, July 12, 2010

The things I have learned....

I am a new author with Oak Tree Press. Starting this process of publishing a book has opened up so many firsts for me; my first book (No Evidence of a Crime), my first publisher (OTP), my first time working at something other than as a forensic scientist. There are so many new things I have learned.

I have learned that most people are fascinated with forensics but some of the details aren’t that interesting. Blood changes color when someone dies from carbon monoxide poisoning; a good mystery stops there. A forensic scientist might add: The color change is due to the shift in absorbance from 555 nanometers to 535 nanometers in the visible light spectrum (not so fascinating in a mystery). Hopefully, I have stayed to the side of a good mystery.

I have learned authors have expansive, colorful vocabularies which they use in more than their books; words like Dipsy Doodle. It is fun to say and when you call someone a Dipsy Doodle (I have used it a number of times, now) there is always a hesitation as if to say “I am pretty certain I have been insulted but that may have been the name of the drink we had in the Bahamas.” Doodle. I picture it as a word Queen Elizabeth uses a lot. I bet she works with a lot of Doodles and the only thing worse than English Doodles are Yankee Doodles.

I have learned that the term unpublished authors describes people whose desire to write is as compelling and consuming as the desire to breathe (and, there are a lot of us out there); people not knowing if anyone else will ever read their work. The term pre-published author is someone who, in a sea of unpublished authors, was noticed. And, even though there are about 275,232 new books published each year. This year there will be one more, mine, and I can say I am an author, without a prefix or a suffix or a qualifier and to me, that is extraordinary.

S. Connell Vondrak


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Love your post, made me chuckle. Good to have you with us!


Holli said...

Congrats and glad to have you with the Oak Tree family. It is an accomplishment and a giant step to being able to be labeled just plain old "author", isn't it? When people ask what you do for a living, it is nice to be able to answer, "I'm a writer."

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

Monti said...

Nice to have you with us.
Enjoy the excitement and accomplishment of being with the Oak Tree family!

Night Watch