Thursday, August 12, 2010

a nice thing

Hi all,

We were in Santa Barbara celebrating several family birthdays by renting a delightful cottage by the ocean. The manager came over to greet us and said, "Kit Sloane? Are you THAT Kit Sloane, the mystery writer?" It seemed that the young woman had actually read my books! What a nice treat for me! (I just wish there were more of her...) And, of course, it was very nice to be acknowledged professionally in front of the whole family :)

So nice things do happen, even to us authors!

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Holli said...

I'm excited to know someone famous. That must be a great "made it" moment. Still waiting for mine.

The most I get recognized is at my kids' school, where the other parents and teachers ask if my husband really did a stint in prison, like he tells the students when he is chaperoning a field trip. (Third graders REALLY listen when they think you've done time in the pokey.)