Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Google the Title of Your Book

We all love Google. Put in a name or word and hit search. Like magic, dozens, hundreds and even more sites appear that relate to the search. Just put in the titles of your books and see what appears.

I'm not sure what or how the sites are connected in the Google search. I'd love to have some of you who are more computer-savvy explain it to me because my last two books do not show up in the search for their titles.

We have added meta-tags from my web site, labels on the blogs, and more. Still, Night Watch and Secrets by the Sea fail to appear in the Google search list. I've checked some of the books by other Oak Tree authors and see them showing up on the first page. My first novel actually fills the first page of the search.

Oak Tree authors are an amazing group of writers. I learn something new everyday from at least one of you. Maybe Googling your title and not finding it doesn't matter. I think it does and would like to discover why and how to remedy the situation.

Right now I feel lost at sea with Google...



BillieJohn said...

Monti...I have been testing the way things show up at Google myself, on the main website, here on the blog, on Facebook, and the other writers sites where I might post, like Crimespace and Book Marketing Network.

One thing became clear immediately: the headline used on a post to THIS BLOG will show up in Google INSTANTLY!

For example, I just now went to Google now and typed in the title of this post, "Just Google the Title of your book" and PRESTO! there it was in the number one position on Google!

Why don't you try making another post and put your title in the title and then go see?

Maybe this will motivate more postings!!

(I am still waiting to see some of the other test posts show up, BTW, although I haven't given up!)

Billie Johnson,

Monti said...

I tried this on my post on Notes Along the Way by adding Secrets by the Sea to the original title, A Halloween Ghost Story. So far, Secrets is not showing up anywhere on the Google search, but I haven't tried the entire title.


Holli said...

I think if you sign all your posts on the various sites with your name and the title of your books there is a better chance it will show up. When I post on other sites with my book title, most of the time it comes up in a Google search.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

What you need to do is put in the title and by using whatever name it is. I blogged An Axe To Grind and got lots ot things not related to may book, the An Axe to Grind by F.M. Meredith and then there was a lot of stuff about it.


Monti said...

Guess, I really want someone to be able to post a title, like Night Watch, and have my book come up on the list. Right now, a long list comes up, but not my Night Watch.

Good suggestion, Holli, about adding it with the post!

Mike Orenduff said...

Hi Monte,
Part of the issue is that the words in those two titles are very common. "Night Watch" is a great title, but it is also a common phrase, so there are likely millions of pages on the world wide web with that phrase. "Secrets by the Sea" is also a great title and not quite so common. I Googled it and all the top entries were about your book, but you have to put it in quotes to get those results.

Mike Orenduff

Monti said...

Thanks, Mike! I tried it and it worked. Yea!