Saturday, October 30, 2010

On Blogging

Okay folks, a little 101 on blogging.

If you're going to give us another place to look at something, at least make a comment about it. Better still, when passing along a URL for another post, why not use the Oak Tree authors listserve? I hope all the OTP authors are on that listserve.

The listserve is a great place to ask question and share ideas too.

When you put up a blog here, add your name to the bottom so people can see it. It doesn't hurt to put your own webpage up too and make sure it will click through.

If you have a photo to add, do so. A picture always looks great. The one I included is hubby and me at the Hanford Book Festival that Sunny arranged with the King's County Library.

Once the blog is up, check back and see if anyone commented. If so, acknowledge them with your own comment. Sometimes people ask questions and the blogger never answers--not good.

Other people besides OTP authors read this blog--but only OTP authors and Billie can post here. When you post anything you are representing OTP and all of the rest of the authors.

This is a great place to promote yuur book or tell us what you've been doing to promote your book. You also could put some writing tips on.

With any blog, it is important to have new content regularly.

On my personal blog I have a new blog up every day. I do a lot of that ahead of time. I like to interview authors on my blog. I've offered to do that for OTP authors and only about three have taken me up on the offer. I'd love to do it everytime one of you have a new book out. I have a lot of followers.

When you put a blog here you should advertise it. If you're on Facebook or any of the other social networks, let them know to come and visit by giving a hint as to what you've written about and give the URL. Be sure to give the whole thing beginning with http:// so it'll be clickable.

Hope this helps you and will keep our OTP blog interesting so people will want to read what we all have to say.



Monti said...

Thanks for your reminders of things we all need to remember to do! Love the photo with your hubby. He's such a wonder and obviously is immensely proud of you!


Sunny Frazier said...

I have trouble with the list serve. Doesn't want to let me on.

I agree, we let things slip a bit. I'm juggling so many balls in the air, some of them drop to the ground.

I encourage folks who send me query letters to follow the OTP blog to find out more about us.

WS Gager said...

I love the photo too. My husband wants to follow in your's footsteps but can't retire yet and travel with me. Can't wait to be a team like you guys!!
W.S. Gage