Saturday, November 27, 2010

Link your blog to Amazon's Author Page

Not to be a blog hog, but I just learned today that you can put the RSS feed from your regular blog on your Amazon Author Page and it will automatically put a sentence or two from your blog with a link to it. Sunny mentioned she updated her Amazon Author Page, and it made me think it was time I updated the one blog I did on my Amazon Author Page that said Jambalaya Justice would be out summer, 2010, to reflect the release date would actually be 2011.

When I got to my author page, I couldn't update the old Amazon blog I had written, and then I recalled receiving an email from Amazon some months back explaining that they were not continuing with the blogs on Amazon, but that you would be able to link your own external blog to it. Not really understanding what they were talking about it, I ignored it, until I went back today.

So I did a little trial and error, and luckily I figured it out. On the author page, it gives you a place to add the feed. Of course, I'm not even one hundred percent sure of what an RSS feed is, but I did a google search and found out that if I scrolled to the bottom of my blogger page, it had the word ATOM. The google article told me to right click and then scroll to copy link location. I followed the instructions, and scrolled to the bottom of my blogger blog and found the word. I right clicked, clicked on copy link location, then went back to Amazon and pasted it where Amazon said to paste it. Amazon said it wouldn't show up for 24 hours, so I figured I would check it tomorrow.

Being impatient, I checked it this evening and my most recent blog was on there. The interesting thing was that Amazon said only a new blog entry would show up and the previous blogs would not be on the Amazon page, but my previous blog entries were also on there.

I like this feature because it may send traffic to my blog, and also because if someone wants to find out about me before they decide to purchase on Amazon, they don't have to search too hard. I think making readers and possible fans easy to find us is important when you're a newbie or an unknown, or both, as I am.

If you haven't set up an author page at Amazon, I recommend it, not necessarily because you will get new readers, although you might, but because it gives fans a place to catch up with you. Plus it's fun.

Also, if you go to your author page, you can look up your rankings on a graph. You can look at this week, last two weeks, or ask for as far back as possible. I got to see the graph for the entire time since my book was published. It has little dots at the tops of the high points, and if you click on them it will tell you what the rank was. I found it interesting to see what months and days I sold more books on Amazon, and to see what is the highest my book ever ranked, and when. It's a nifty tool.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice


Monti said...

Thanks, Holli, for the information. Somehow I seem to have two pages--one is about reviews though. I don't see anything on either page about rankings, so maybe there's a third site I haven't found! I'll keep looking. Thanks again for pointing out more possibilities!


Sunny Frazier said...

So much good info out there and thanks to OTP authors like Holli who keep us on top of things! We're all learning and by pooling our discoveries, we keep growing.

Holli said...

Monti, If you log in to your author page at Author Central as if you were going to update your author page, Sales Rank is one of the tabs at the top of the page. If you click it, you can see the graph. It's convenient for me to pinpoint the date the book was ranked the highest to figure out what promotion I was doing that may have worked.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

Monti said...

Thanks, Holli. That's where my problem lies. I don't think I have an Author Central page. Will check further...

WS Gager said...

Holli, I owe you a shot of Tequila with a little salt and lime! Just added my blog to my author page and then took the plunge putting my Mitch Malone Short Story, The Eyes Have It, out on Kindle. I wrote it as a way to get people interested in the books. Now I can start promoting that and hopefully it will lead to book sales. Thanks for the nudge!
W.S. Gager