Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

The week between Christmas and New Years is always slow, but this year, maybe due to all the snow and bad weather, (10 3/4" of snow yesterday) it seems especially so. I'm eagerly looking forward to TWO FEET BELOW's appearance sometime in 2011.

Meanwhile, I have an opportunity to sell my books at a gun show. For those who don't know, I write a time-travel series about the adventures of Boothenay Irons, a female gunsmith, and westerns. I fear it'll cost me enough to take any profit I might make from sales, but I'm thinking an appearance is still worthwhile. I'm hoping to ramp up interest in my coming OTP release.

Have a great 2011 everyone.



Sunny Frazier said...

We're all excited about Two Feet Below, an excellent read. So, what's this other series? And who publishes it? We'd like to support you on all fronts.

Carol said...

Thanks for asking, Sunny.
My Gunsmith series is published by Amber Quill Press and in audio by Books In Motion. Boothenay Irons is my time-traveling heroine who is cast into the unfinished history of a gun she's working on. I'm just finishing up book #5 titled GONE ROGUE. It's been a fun series to do.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Good luck and Happy New Year back.


WS Gager said...

Great post Carol. The female gunsmith sounds really interesting. I just received a kindle for Christmas. Is it in an e-version?

Carol said...

Hi, WS. Yes, my Gunsmith titles are all available in Kindle format, as well as other e-book formats, from Amazon, Fictionwise, and of course, the Amber Quill website. Thanks for asking!