Friday, January 7, 2011


By Sunny Frazier

Yes, another New Years Day has come and gone. Did any of you even attempt to make a resolution? I know I usually approach it the same way I approach Lent—sure, I'll give up candy or biting my nails. That lasts until the first box of Sees is put in my path.

But, this year I think I've made a resolution worth abiding. I've decided to keep a journal.

I used to keep journals—they were diaries back then. I have volumes chronicling my life from when I moved away from home, through the Navy years, documenting college, putting down memoirs of my newspaper days and the beginning of my career in law enforcement. The last entry was dated 1985.

So, what stopped me at that point? I was writing FOR REAL and had no time for scribbling down thoughts. What a shame that I didn't record the first time I met Sue Grafton or how I felt when my book got published. I feel like I missed a whole lot of my life because I didn't keep notes.

As a writer, people often give us “writer-ly” things. I've got fancy pens that never quite work when I'm doing a signing, bookmarks that I lose and use scrapes of paper to mark my place (oh come on—so do you!). I found a beautiful journal, one of those books with empty pages ready to be filled. People give them to me all the time. Sure, I need more pressure to write! I hate to mar them with my terrible handwriting. Part of me says why bother, save my precious words for publicatioin.

This new book has a cover that looks like a page out of the Book of Kells. There's lots of sparkley gold on it that apparently made the giver think of me. I'm hoping it inspires me. I've decided I should write down the names of authors I meet and the ones in Oak Tree. Who knows which of us will become famous? Maybe I'm hanging out with the next Agatha Christie or Hemingway.

I've also decided to come clean about the ESP and paranormal stuff in my life. It's been a part of me and my family for years, but we just shrug it off. Now I realize that there is a curiosity out there, maybe I should document events.

I don't like to write for myself, so I've decided to will the book to a writing friend in New Jersey. She's always been interested in woo-woo stuff and we talk endlessly about writing. What she does with it is her problem.

That's my resolution and we'll see if it takes. It's going to be easier than promising to diet or grow fingernails. So, what resolutions did the rest of you make for 2011?


Holli said...

I wasn't going to make a resolution because I make the same ones every year and never keep them--eat healthier, exercise more, spend less--but this year I decided just to un-clutter my life in general. I am getting rid of things I don't need or use and reorganizing everything else for better Feng Shui.

So far, I have almost gotten my kitchen in order, and next I'll move on to the study. I am finding it is a lot easier to get your life organized and things accomplished when the physical things surrounding you are in order.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Oh, Holli, good for you. Wish I had the energy to get rid of more stuff.

I'd like to read that diary of yours, Sunny, would be fun.

No resolutions for me, I'll just keep doing what I'm always doing.


G Thomas Gill said...

I would love a discussion with you about the "woo woo" stuff. My stories tend to brush around the edges since I want to make people think about the "woo woo" moments in their lives - without taking them too far.

WS Gager said...

I'm going to lose 50 pounds. Yup. Scary huh? This year I'm going to do it. I'm joining a special program and most people I know that did it for six months lost more than 50 pounds. One friend did it three years ago and still looks fantastic. It is all about changing how you think about food. Anything that keeps me thinking about chocolate all the time has to result in some pounds dropped!
W.S. Gager

Mike Orenduff said...

Funny you should mention See's candies. I bought Lai a box of See's online for Christmas (you can't get them here in South Georgia). My resolution and hers is to make sure the box never sees February. Our other resolution is the one we adopted from our daughter because it is all-inclusive: to be a better person every day in every way. There is no standard by which to judge progress, but it sounds good.

Sunny Frazier said...

Sees--oh yes! I'm told Fanny Farmers is just as good, but we can't get those here. I do, however, order Caramacs from Hawaii from time to time or ask my sis to bring some back when she visits the islands.

How much better can you and Lai possibly get???????