Saturday, January 1, 2011

Any New Kindle Owners Out There?

It's time to support our fellow authors, especially those with OTP.

Why don't we make a point of ordering OTP books for our Kindles?

I keep reading that the New York published books are the ones selling on Kindle. They sell for more, some of them aren't nearly as good as OTP books, so why not take a chance and read some of them on your Kindle? Or Nook, or whatever kind of reader you have.

I've downloaded some and read them, now I'm going to find more to do same.

First, I want to say Happy New Year to all of you on this list.

For those of you with new Kindles, I hope you’ll try some of the authors on this list who have their books on Kindle and the Nook and other e-readers. I’ve heard that the New York best sellers are the ones that are being downloaded. This is really frustrating to those of us who have been e-book pioneers. Take a chance, try some of us.

I have a romance with a supernatural twist called Lingering Spirit on Kindle. And for my Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novels, you need to find them under the name F.M. Meredith—the latest being An Axe to Grind.

Happy Reading to all of you. Let's boost up sales for our fellow authors!



Carol Crigger said...

I got a Kindle for Christmas. So far I'm loving it.

I agree, Marilyn. We need to support our fellow small press authors. I'm going to order an OTP title today.

TWO FEET BELOW from OTP isn't out yet, but some of my other titles are available as Kindle editions.

Holli said...

I always try to order OTP authors on Kindle, although I'll admit I haven't gotten around to reading all of them yet. I think it's important to support books by our publisher, because it does help all of us.

Before I submitted Gumbo Justice to Oak Tree, I ordered a mystery (paper copy, it was before Kindle) published by OTP to make sure my book was one that would fit it in with what Billie published. Although it would have ended up costing a pretty penny, I wished I would have done that with the others I submitted to, because I eventually learned through rejection letters that my book didn't fit it with some other houses, particularly those that don't publish darker novels or novels with serial killers, which seemed to be a hot button issue then.

In any event, it's a good idea for unpublished writers thinking of submitting a manuscript to any publisher or agent to buy something they've published to see if the work is appropriate, and Kindle is generally a cheaper alternative than the paper version. It would have saved my ego a lot of bruising and kept me from looking like I didn't know what I was doing, which really, I kind of didn't.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice
Jambalaya Justice coming 2011

Monti said...

I want to buy a Kindle and need to learn more about them. There's a new less expensive version. Does anyone have experience with that one? Also, since I love color, I am wondering about the Nook. Anyone have thoughts on that e-reader?


WS Gager said...

I received a Kindle for Christmas and am loving it. I use the text to speech feature and while it is not like a book on tape or CD it is doable and I don't have to run to the library. I need to buy some Oak Tree Authors but am trying to get through the ones I purchased at PSWA conference in paper form.

I am patiently waiting for my second book, A Case of Accidental Intersection, to get on kindle! Hint, hint, Billie!

Beverly Lauderdale said...

For e-book writers, consider attending the 2011 EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Coalition) conference in Williamsburg, VA., March 10-13.
Info at

I've been honored to have my novel IN FRANKLIN'S HOUSE, an OTP publication,be one of the finalists in the Paranormal
Romance Category competition.

Here's to good writing in a Happy New Year.

Steve Finnell said...

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