Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last Hurricane Katrina Case

When I previously blogged about my experience during Hurricane Katrina, charges were pending against numerous NOPD officers for their actions during the storm. All of the cases have now been handled in federal court, mostly pleas. The only case I'm aware of that went to trial was the case involving five officers, one accused of shooting and killing a man, two accused of burning his body, and the last two accused of covering it up. In case you didn't read the previous blogs, two of those officers accused are friends of mine, and things didn't work out so well for one of them. You can read my take on the story behind the charges and the results at

The trial ended a few weeks ago, but it has been a difficult topic for me to write about for many reasons, the prevalent being that I know two of the individuals involved. Anyway, please stop by the blog and leave a comment.

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I read you blog, I can see why it is bothering you.