Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Public Safety Writers Association Conference

Good news! The early bird rate for the conference has been extended until March 31. It might not show up on the registration form yet, but you can just check that rate when you sign up.

We have a fantastic group of presenters this year including our own Holli Castillo and Michael Orenduff. We've got a coroner on board and someone to tell us about writing screen plays. Go to the website and check on conference and you can read all about it.

One big plus for OTP authors is that you can spend time with our publisher, Billie Johnson, and other OTP authors.

Another is the fact that it's a small conference with only one track so you won't miss anything. You'll also have the opportunity to really get to know the experts.

Anyone who wants to can be on a panel as long as you're registered before June 1.

You can bring your books to sell, and PSWA only keeps 10%, far less than anywhere else you might have our books for sale.

Give the PSWA conference a try, you'll learn a lot and have a great time.


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